Comparing the restructuring of Drupal and TYPO3

Submitted by dryer on Sun, 10/18/2015 - 18:48
TYPO3 logo

TYPO3 is a strong contented in Middle Europe, especially in countries that speak German. The reasons for this are unknown, probably just accident / tradition. But what Drupal and TYPO3 did share is the need for a major restructuring respective technical platforms.

Drupal 8 was a very ambitious project with multiple goals. It had a long development cycle, but now as we're in to Release Candidate 1, it's safe to say Drupal 8 will be released soon. Despite some breakup in the community (with Backdrop CMS) it's safe to say the Drupal community avoided catastrophy.

In comparison to the TYPO3 community we managed to stay as a single community, adopting components from Symfony and other projects. In it's ambitious goal of building a complete general purpose framework eventually lead to two separate projects, TYPO3 and Neos CMS.

I hope TYPO3 and Neos CMS continue to thrive, but at a time where fast release cycles are a necessity for survival I can't see both projects being as competitive as Drupal 8 (and 7 + Backdop) is. A big hand to all people involved in the effort!