Drupal 8 is released

Submitted by dryer on Thu, 11/19/2015 - 18:00
Drupal 8 logo launch

Finally after years of hard work the community of Drupal have made available the long awaited version of Drupal. Drupal 8 represents a great team effort by a community of over 3200 individuals. Some key improvements include:

  • Wysiwyg editor included by default
  • Content previews with a template view
  • Content creation and listings using the browser
  • Improved translation capabilities
  • Configuration management via YAML file exports and imports
  • REST API extendability beyond site creation
  • Improved backend architecture via shared PHP community utilities such as SymfonyComposer and Guzzle 
  • Improved front end performance and templating using Twig

Now it's time for the hard part - taking this new tool and using it in the real world, across different requirements and levels of developers. 

Learn more about Drupal and other contemporary PHP topics over at PHPToday.org