Drupal and BigPipe

Submitted by dryer on Sat, 09/26/2015 - 18:40
Facebook Big Pipe

Drupal 8 will support BigPipe natively to improve load time. It works by loading bits and pieces in parallel from the server:

"In BigPipe, the life cycle of a user request is the following: The browser sends an HTTP request to web server. After receiving the HTTP request and performing some sanity check on it, web server immediately sends back an unclosed HTML document that includes an HTML <head> tag and the first part of the <body> tag. The <head> tag includes BigPipe’s JavaScript library to interpret pagelet responses to be received later. In the <body> tag, there is a template that specifies the logical structure of page and the placeholders for pagelets." -- BigPipe: Pipelining web pages for high performance

See the demonstration from DrupalCon Barcelona 2015:

Learn more about BigPipe implementations:

Isomorphic JavaScript and Drupal is also a relevant topic.