Why is Drupal now the second most hated platform behind SharePoint?

Submitted by dryer on Fri, 03/16/2018 - 07:40
Drupal is the new Sharepoint

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What was the hottest thing just last week might no longer be that, in fact it's seen as horrible legacy. This certainly seems to be the case for Drupal, which is now the second most dreaded development platform just behind Microsoft SharePoint.

Drupal has been around soon for over twenty years and it has certainly had a good run. From humble beginnings the tool grew to a hegemony in some markets during the early 2010's when everything "had a module for that". Almost everyone loved Drupal.

Now some years later after the launch of Drupal 8, the tool is clearly targeted towards enterprise project implementations. Acquia is driving the tool to that direction, whether it admits it or not:

This is probably largely due to the fact that Drupal has gone after the enterprise market and there is a much smaller number of installations it can potentially reach. Granted that these are more valuable. As a complex tool Drupal also no longer as attractive to enthusiasts and tinkerers, many of which are now opting for WordPress, Craft CMS or something completely different instead.
Has Drupal adoption stalled because it's now enterprise tech?

Drupal no longer has the dev-appeal of being a nimble and fast tool to work with. JavaScript, Serverless and other technology trends are drawing developers where Drupal is increasingly seen as a complex tool. Drupal itself might be reasonably nimble, but the projects done with done with it are now largely enterprise scale. The number of Drupal installations has stayed stagnant, while the business developers' coveted deal size has grown.

There's no arguing Drupal is more capable and better than ever, but it's no longer a developer's favourite. You could try to shoehorn Drupal into Microservices, but that's lipstick on a pig like adopting React. This is the reason why it's falling like a rock in developer mindsets, this will eventually make agencies see Drupal as a burning platform too as they struggle to attract top talent willing to use Drupal. Eventually customers will also see Drupal as a sunset technology. Hell, even Acquia is distancing itself from Drupal with Node.js and React.

Unfortunately there's no easy way of changing this, and with SharePoint changing it's market it is likely that Drupal will become the most hated platform. There's plenty of money to be made in Drupal, but much less fun than before. And the discrimination of community members is not helping. Come for the software, leave for the community?

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