Drupal operating system

There are tools that allow you to manage content, publish, edit, add or remove content from any website; what you can do from your mobile, tablet or personal computer by having a Drupal operating system; discover everything you need to know about him by reading this post.

What is a content management system?

Content management systems are usually identified with the acronym CMS and are written using a special programming language to run inside the computer where the databases and the web server are located.

When a user needs to access a certain online page, the system combines the information with other added resources such as CSS files, images, JavaScript, etc; to build the site that is being requested.

All this is part of the CMS infrastructure, While operating systems such as Linux, PHP programming language, Apache web server and MySQL database are known as LAMP environment.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is basically a flexible CMS that is based on the LAMP environment; that has a design composed of modules that allows removing or incorporating certain functionalities just by installing them.

In fact, you can easily change the appearance or design of a website. The Drupal operating system has a basic download that includes a core containing the PHP files essential to execute the essential functions of the CMS, as well as other modules with additional themes and resources.

On the other hand, it is a CMS that is compatible with technological environments such as:

  • Windows or Mac Os instead of Linux.
  • With web servers like Nginx or IIS instead of Apache.
  • Using PostgreSQL or SQLLite database instead of MySQL; In addition, it can be replaced by other compatible systems such as MySQL, MariaDB or Percona.

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Why use the Drupal operating system?

Now that you know more exactly what Drupal is, it’s time to share with you the reasons why you should be encouraged to use it. This content management system is an interesting option to build the website for you, so among the compelling reasons to use it are the following:

  • In case you need a small website with static HTML pages, without tedious or complicated assembly systems, which require a lot of time to be able to bring you benefits.
  • It is a simple CMS ideal for less experienced content editors.
  • Drupal is a general-purpose CMS, which is easy to adapt to your needs because it has basic functionality that is really easy to apply and efficient.
  • It has fewer restrictive software licenses and has been developed by the global community.
  • It has modules that allow it to be expanded according to your requirements. Adapting to different types of environment and projects.
  • It uses a PHP language and does not depend directly on any platform, in which case it can be run by any hosting service that interests you.
  • You can personalize your content without having to touch a single line of codes.
  • With Drupa you can build dynamic, powerful and very flexible websites.
  • It is a CMS that is growing and that is increasingly used by millions of users.

Drupa is currently employed by important companies in the world, among which are Los Grammy’s, MTV, Grupo Éxito de Colombia, Inter-American Development Bank, The Economist, Johnson & Johnson, NASA, The Weather Channel , Harvard University, Tesla and many others.

Its great acceptance is due to its flexibility in terms of graphic design and easy editing, which drastically reduces the time spent by the professionals in charge of its management; who in turn make the most of its versatility for the creation of all kinds of content, be it texts, images or videos.

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