When Open Source gets weird: The Dark secrets of Drupal?

Submitted by dryer on Tue, 07/18/2017 - 21:48
Dark Secrets of Drupal

Earlier this year the Drupal community was shaken when the Project Leader Dries Buytaert decided to expell the lead developer Larry Garfield from the project, based on accusations of somewhat weird BDSM play. Backstory: BDSM sex rocks Drupal world: Top dev banished for sci-fi hanky-panky

Many in the Drupal Community decided to side with Larry, instead of Dries and the Drupal Association. After Larry outed himself publicly, there have been failed attempts by Drupal leadership and governing body of the project, the Drupal Association, to clear the doubt from community members' minds.

The latest one of these, titled Drupal Association and Project Lead Statement Regarding Larry Garfield, extends the previous accusations to Larry Garfield enslaving an autistic woman. The comments in the article remain rather pro-Larry, and some feel this has left Drupal in a void of technical leadership. Since there is absolutely no evidence provided to back up these claims, people are right to be weary of such top-down communication from an organization.

In a strange last move Drupal Confessions, an organization to released a bizarre video teaser on Twitter that aims to reveal some secrets from the leaders of the Drupal community in a sinister tone:

The Dark Secrets of Drupal, coming soon. Those calling for blood will soon get it.

The maybe referring to the alledged Acquia Drupal startup sponsoring strippers on sales expenses accounts and other public critisim, or perhaps something more personal. The video, embedded below, is a sign that whatever is going on - the Drupal Community is not a healthy one. Any community thriving and creating videos that have a liking to teen horror movies is not one people should subscribe to.

Update: In an update Drupal Confessions has stated that the full video is about "Showing the DA, CWG, and members of DD&I engage in sexual harassment and infidelity". This is technically revenge porn. So the whole case is about Drupal leadership, not the larger Open Source community around Drupal. It is a shame that the whole community will have to pay for the misdoing of the Drupal Elite.